How to Choose the Perfect Replacement Turbocharger for a Nissan Skyline R34?

Are you looking to elevate the performance of your Nissan Skyline R34? A turbocharger upgrade might just be what your car needs. This article will walk you through how to pick the right one for your ride.

Understanding the Basics of Turbocharger

Before we plunge into the details of choosing a turbocharger for your Nissan Skyline R34, let’s first grasp the fundamental principle of how a turbocharger operates. A turbocharger, or simply a turbo, is a performance enhancement device. Its role is to force additional air into the combustion compartment of your engine, which boosts the car’s power output.

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In essence, a turbocharger is made up of two main components: the compressor and the turbine. The turbine is powered by the engine’s exhaust gases, which in turn drives the compressor. The compressor then sucks in and compresses the ambient air, pumping it into the engine. This results in a performance boost, as it allows the engine to burn more fuel each second.

One key thing to note about turbochargers is that they run at very high speeds and temperatures, thus necessitating the use of oil for cooling and lubrication purposes.

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Nissan’s Standard Turbocharger vs Upgraded Turbochargers

The Nissan Skyline R34 comes equipped with a standard turbocharger. While it’s standard turbo does a decent job, upgrading to a performance turbocharger can significantly enhance your car’s power and speed.

Upgrading to an aftermarket turbocharger such as the Garrett or HKS models can yield more power, thanks to their larger compressor and turbine wheels. These larger wheels can push more air into the engine, resulting in a greater power output.

However, larger turbochargers can also introduce turbo lag, which is the time taken for the turbo to spool up and provide the boost. Therefore, it’s important to choose a turbo that’s optimal for your specific needs, taking into consideration the car’s intended use and your driving style.

Choosing an Aftermarket Turbocharger: Considerations

When it comes to choosing a turbocharger for your Nissan Skyline R34, there are a few key factors you should consider.

Firstly, consider the turbo’s size. As mentioned before, larger turbochargers can produce more power but at the expense of introducing turbo lag. If you’re using your car for everyday driving, a smaller, responsive turbo like the Garrett GT25 might be more suitable. However, if you’re aiming for maximum power for track or drag racing, a larger turbo like the HKS T04Z could be a better fit.

Secondly, consider the turbo’s construction. Some turbos, like the twin-turbo, use two smaller compressor and turbine wheels, which allows them to spool up faster and reduce lag. However, these can be more complex and expensive.

Finally, the turbo’s oil cooling mechanism should be considered. Some turbochargers use water in addition to oil for cooling, which can increase their lifespan and reliability.

Financing Your Turbocharger with Afterpay

Once you’ve determined the type of turbocharger you want, the next step is to consider how you’ll finance it. Turbochargers, particularly performance ones, can be quite expensive. Thankfully, there are financing options available, such as Afterpay.

Afterpay allows you to make your purchase and receive your item immediately, but pay for it in four equal instalments, due every two weeks. This can make your turbocharger purchase more manageable, as you can spread the cost over a longer period of time.

The Installation Process

Once you’ve purchased your turbo, the final step is installation. Installing a turbocharger is a complex job that requires expertise. Unless you’re very knowledgeable about car mechanics, it’s recommended that you get your turbo professionally installed.

Remember, a poorly installed turbo can cause serious damage to your car’s engine and significantly reduce its lifespan. Therefore, it’s crucial that it’s done properly.

Remember, upgrading your Nissan Skyline R34’s turbocharger can significantly enhance its performance. However, it’s crucial to choose the right turbo for your needs and ensure it’s properly installed. With a bit of research and careful consideration, you can transform your Nissan Skyline R34 into a high-performance vehicle.

The Impact of the Drive System and Crank Horsepower on Turbo Selection

When selecting a suitable turbocharger for your Nissan Skyline R34, understanding the impact of the drive system and crank horsepower is vital. The drive system of a car impacts the overall performance of the turbo. The Nissan Skyline R34 is renowned for its efficient all-wheel drive system, contributing to its reputation as a high-performance vehicle.

A wheel drive system impacts the overall turbo response. An all-wheel-drive system like the one in the Skyline R34 can handle a larger turbo as it can ensure the car remains stable and controllable even when the turbocharger provides significant boosts.

Crank horsepower is another crucial factor. It’s the measure of power output at the crankshaft, which doesn’t account for losses in the drivetrain. A turbo upgrade, like the GTX Gen II series, can help maximize this number, leading to enhanced performance.

A turbo designed for high crank horsepower applications, such as the GTX Gen II series, can efficiently handle the increased exhaust flow from the high-power engine, thereby reducing turbo lag. However, it’s crucial to remember that a turbo’s responsiveness and ability to deliver power can be influenced by the size of the compressor wheel and turbine housing.

Larger turbine housings allow for more significant exhaust flow, minimizing backpressure, and maximizing power. The compressor wheel, on the other hand, helps determine the flow capacity of the turbo and its overall efficiency range. A careful balance between these factors is critical in achieving a turbo that offers the desired performance without compromising on drivability.

Turbocharger Brands: Garrett vs HKS

When it comes to aftermarket turbochargers, Garrett and HKS are two brands that stand out. Both have earned a reputation for their quality, durability, and performance enhancement capabilities.

The Garrett turbochargers are renowned for their high efficiency, durability, and extensive range. For example, the GT series offers good balance between size and response, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The GTX Gen II series is more performance-oriented, offering high-power capabilities without compromising on response or efficiency.

On the other hand, HKS turbochargers, like the T04Z, are revered for their power and performance. They are designed for high horsepower applications, offering excellent airflow and less lag. The T04Z, for instance, is perfect for racing purposes but could be too aggressive for regular street use.

Ultimately, the choice between Garrett and HKS will depend on your car’s intended use, your driving style, and horsepower targets. Both brands offer a variety of turbochargers capable of transforming your Nissan Skyline R34 into a more powerful machine, whether for the street or the track.


Upgrading the turbocharger on your Nissan Skyline R34 can be a game-changer, significantly enhancing your car’s performance. However, the selection of the right turbocharger demands careful consideration of factors such as the turbo size, construction, cooling mechanism, and the impact of the drive system and crank horsepower on turbo performance.

Renowned brands like Garrett and HKS offer a variety of turbochargers that can cater to different needs, from daily driving to track racing. While upgrading, remember the importance of professional installation to avoid potential damage and ensure optimal performance.

With careful selection and proper installation, you can equip your Nissan Skyline R34 with the perfect replacement turbocharger, transforming it into a high-performance machine that stands out on the road and the track.

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